Last Modified: 4.28.2003

Non-Profit Services
Because we operate without profit, we have been paying for resources out of our own pockets. Unfortunately, because this is a non-profit venture, there will be no return on the money we vest in its production. We view our time used researching and developing the project as a very large investment in itself. Therefore we ask you, the consumer, to contemplate helping us with the financial end of the project.

Resources Required
Our mission in this project is to provide valuable documentation of the process of designing an operating system from the ground up. Therefore we require a few resources that are (or with quantity) could be quite expensive. Below is a list of resources we can foresee as of the date this page was last modified.
  • Journals for team members involved in research.
  • Appropriate books to help in research.
  • Software needed to produce PDF's.
  • Test 80x86 (Intel) box.

If at any time, direct donations wished to be made (i.e., someone has spare books laying around that could be used) please e-mail

To donate via credit card or PayPal, click the following button:
To donate by other means, please contact Rob Lundy. Any and All donations are greatly appreciated.
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