Last Modified: 4.28.2003

New Site Launched - 04.28.2003
The new site has been designed and launched! I have posted a job on SourceForge for web designers who would like to maintain the site. No replies yet, but I am hopeful. Also, we have opened our doors to donations from people who want to see the project succeed. To the left (in the sidebar) you can click on the Why Donate? link to see the things we plan to purchase with any donations that come through.
Rob Lundy

New Links - 04.23.2003
New links were added to the resources section of this site. Many of them contain a large amount of links as well. Many of them have a ton of good information listed.
Rob Lundy

New Members - 04.22.2003
Welcome Bob Kjelgaard and Alex Temal. Bob will be helping in the design / documentation process, and Alex will be helping on the site and also the documentation process as well. Thanks for the help guys.
Rob Lundy

Back on Track - 04.22.2003
After a few months of being busy with things apart from OS design, I have returned to this project. I'm hoping to post new sources of information as well as my own contributions very shortly.
Rob Lundy

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